Galliope is Arts-Integrated Movement Education

Children are in constant motion. Galliope classes expand on a child's natural tendency to discover their world through movement.  Their bodies are their first teachers. They move in order to learn. 

A Galliope movement class is unique because it uses elements of dance to enhance and build upon understanding of other subjects. Children learn about properties of water by melting and freezing their bodies, simultaneously gaining an understanding of the states of water and qualities of movement. Through the learning of a traditional folk dance, children learn how to work together while also exploring culture. This is arts-integrated learning using movement.   

When you tap into a child's natural instinct and need to move, you have their full attention.  Children are utterly absorbed; this type of class engages them physically, mentally and emotionally all at once.

In a Galliope class, students creatively, actively, and joyously build their own understanding of their bodies and their world.